Rising Revolution

By Matthew Trent

General Overview:

You will play as the Russian revolutionaries in this strategic card game and attempt to dethrone the Russian Czar, Nicholas II.  You will do this by getting the Czar's health to zero before your own. Each card in-game that you'll use in your battle against the Czar is a different historic event or situation that contributed to the Czar's downfall. May the odds be ever in your favor, good luck!

Basic game run through:

Upon opening the menu you will select a difficulty from the top left (1 is historic) and then press 'Start' to begin the game.  Once you're in the game there is a shuffle button (card on the bottom right) which you'll press to deal the cards to yourself. You then play your three cards (dragging them onto the top of the earth to play them) and then press the end turn button (very bottom right) to end your turn and let the Czar attack you back. Then repeat until one of you is dead (zero health left) - your health bar is the one with the white person beside it; the Czar's health bar is the one with the heart. You may also use the power ups to aid you during your battle (they are the four light blue buttons on the upper left). The power ups  can only be played once a game and provide, if played correctly, an immense advantage. Along the way to switch songs, figure out abilities, learn the history behind the cards and more press 'RMB' (right mouse button) to switch between the game and info tabs. 

System Requirements: 

  • Screen aspect ratio must be 9:16
  • The game must be in full screen to play (small blue button in bottom right)

Basic layout:

Shuffle Button - Deals you your cards

Power Ups - Provide power ups in the game, these can only be played once

End Turn - Ends your current turn and lets the Czar attack you

Back Button - Navigates back to the main menu

Info Tabs - 'RMB' (right mouse button) opens/closes the info tabs which harbor useful information

Start Button - Begins a game

Quit Button - Exits the game

Cards - Drag over the earth to play

CZAR Health Bar - Very top right health bar

PLAYER Health Bar - Health bar right below Czar's health bar

Different Difficulties:

1 - The historic difficulty where it is impossible to lose (unless you 'suicide' with swap HP) - arguing my thesis.

2 - Moderately difficult. For the casuals.

3 - Getting harder... but still easily beatable. 

4 - Yep, this is hard. Good luck beating this difficulty.

5 - Very difficult, not a level for people who hate losing - again and again and again.

- HAHA, I've never beaten this level so... good luck?


There are also plenty of 'Easter Eggs' in this game. These are just little hidden features that are hard to discover and are in place for a little amusement. Try to find them!

Source Code: 

Part 1: http://txt.do/16r1y

Part 2: http://txt.do/16r1i

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